What If My NICOP Card Has Expired? - Nadra Card Center UK
April 19, 2024

What If My NICOP Card Has Expired?

If your NICOP has expired, you must renew it as soon as possible since it is an important document for abroad Pakistanis. Through Nadracardcenter.co.uk you can renew your NICOP within a short period. For individuals who are qualified for online renewal, our website gives thorough instructions on how to complete the process, which includes gathering relevant papers and paying any applicable costs. If you will have any difficulty in providing documents please contact NADRA’s representative via online chat or WhatsApp. They can help you through the renewal procedure and provide information on essential documents. It’s critical to prepare ahead, especially if you need your NADRA Card for travel because processing periods might vary. Furthermore, remaining informed about the status of your application you can use NADRA’s tracking services to get a smooth renewal procedure.

What Documents will be Required?

NICOP renewal normally requires the following documents:

  • NADRA Card Front/Back Picture
  • British Passport
  • Passport Size Picture

How Long Does it Take to Get the NICOP Renewal?

When you renew your NICOP online, the procedure is supposed to be quick and easy. After visiting NADRA Card Center UK website, you’ll usually start by making an account or logging in if you already have one. Then, follow the NICOP renewal procedures, which frequently include filling out an online application form with your personal information. After completing the application form, you must provide scanned copies of the needed papers. To prevent processing delays, ensure that the submitted documents fulfill the required standards. After submitting your application, you will most likely be asked to pay the renewal amount online. Once your application and payment have been properly completed, we will send you a confirmation that your renewal request has been received. Following that, we will review your application and send it to you. The processing period for online NICOP Renewal varies, but you can expect to obtain your renewed NICOP within a few weeks to a couple of months, depending on NADRA’s current workload.

What If I Need Urgent For Travel?

If you need your NICOP for an upcoming travel, you should schedule your renewal well in advance to minimize any difficulty or travel difficulties. Starting the renewal procedure early gives for enough processing time and guarantees that your renewed NICOP arrives before your planned trip dates. Additionally, you can request that Nadracardcenter.co.uk give you a submission letter that will enable you to travel without your NICOP. However, keep in mind that the submission letter simply indicates that you have submitted an application for NICOP Renewal, and you may only stay for a limited period.


To summarize, renewing your expired NICOP is critical for abroad Pakistanis, especially if you need it for travel. Using online renewal services such as Nadracardcenter.co.uk simplifies the procedure, but planning ahead of time is critical to minimize delays. By providing the required documentation and remaining up to date on the status of your application, you can ensure a smooth renewal procedure and get your NICOP on an acceptable timeline.

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