How Do I Update my NICOP Card? - Nadra Card Center UK
April 16, 2024

How Do I Update my NICOP Card?

  • Begin by visiting the official website. There you’ll find the option of getting the NICOP Modification form 
  • Get the NICOP modification form from the NADRA website. 
  • Provide correct and up-to-date information. Make sure to include all the needed information, such as your personal information and other information required in modifications to your NICOP card. 
  • Collect all supporting documentation that may be needed for the upgrade. This may include copies of your current NICOP card, passport, proof of residency, marriage certificate (if applicable), and any other papers related to the revisions you are making.
  • Submit your completed application form and all relevant documentation to the To prevent delays in processing, ensure that all papers are full and accurate.
  •  Pay the appropriate cost to update your NICOP card. The charge may vary based on the type of update and your region. You may learn more about the cost structure on the NADRA website or by contacting the appropriate office.
  •  Once your application has been completed and accepted, you will receive your updated NICOP card at your door.

By completing these procedures and submitting appropriate information and documentation, you may successfully update your NICOP card online to reflect your current status and details.

Why You Should Update Your NICOP?

Updating your NICOP is necessary for numerous reasons. It confirms that all of the information on your NICOP is correct and up to date, including your name, residence, and marital status. Such accuracy is critical for many official purposes, including travel, employment, banking, and legal activities. Keeping your NICOP up to date ensures that you remain compliant with the legal standards imposed by NADRA Card Center UK, preventing any potential legal hassles or concerns with official paperwork. Furthermore, an updated NICOP can make travel easier, both locally and internationally, because it acts as the primary form of identification necessary for immigration and border control.

How Long Does it Take to Update NICOP?

The time necessary to receive a NICOP varies according to the application type selected. If you choose standard processing and the case officer accepts your application, your NICOP will generally be provided within 31 business days. Alternatively, choosing expedited processing reduces the duration to roughly 23 working days from the day your application is submitted. For individuals in urgent need, fast processing is available, allowing you to acquire your NICOP in as little as 7 to 10 business days. 


To summarize, upgrading your NICOP is a simple process. This guarantees that your NICOP accurately represents your current status and information, which is required for a variety of official purposes, including travel and legal activity. Additionally, having your NICOP up to date allows you to stay compliant with legal regulations and have easier travel experiences. The processing time for upgrading your NICOP varies according to the option you select, with expedited processing providing faster response times for individuals in immediate need.

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