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FRC Renewal

Renew FRC

The FRC is an important document provided by the NADRA. It specifies the family’s information regarding birth or marriage. This document is required for various administrative activities that require precise and up-to-date representations of family connections. However, if a person is not registered and has no identity number, their data will not be included in FRC. 

Why Do You Have to Renew Your FRC?

There are various circumstances in which you could need to renew your FRC. These include the expiry of the certificate and the loss or destruction of the original document. Renewing your FRC ensures that all your family information is current and valid for official purposes.

Where FRC Can Be Used?

The FRC is used to validate higher education visas, immigration, and international visits. You will be emailed the FRC to the address you provided within 2 to 4 business days. If you require an FRC but are not sure how to apply, you can visit

What documents do you need for this process?

The following documents are required for the FRC process;

  • Family Photos
  • Family Member NADRA Card Copies.
  • Death Certificate (if it will be required)
FRC Renewal Process

Renewing your FRC is a straightforward process. Before you visit the website make sure you have all of the essential documentation. Preparing the essential documentation ahead of time will make the renewal procedure go more smoothly. When you visit the website, notify the personnel that you intend to renew your FRC. You will be sent an application form, which you must complete correctly. The form will request information about your family members, such as their complete names, CNIC numbers, and the nature of the relationship. After submitting the application form and relevant papers, staff will check the information provided. This could include cross-checking information against our database to ensure accuracy and completeness. If there are any discrepancies or missing information, you may be required to provide additional documentation or clarifications.

Biometric verifications such as fingerprints and pictures can be collected throughout the verification process. This phase is critical to ensure the security of the FRC issuing process. This costs a small charge. The price may vary based on the processing time. Once your application has been completed and accepted, you will be informed to get your FRC.


To summarize, getting and renewing an FRC is a critical step in assuring correct and up-to-date family information for administrative and official purposes. The FRC is an important document for validating higher education visas, immigration, and overseas trips. All family members must register and have their information included in the FRC. You may ensure a seamless experience by following the uncomplicated renewal process and providing the appropriate papers ahead of time. Remember that the verification procedure, including biometric inspections, is intended to ensure the security and integrity of the FRC issue. Once your application has been granted, you will be notified to receive your updated FRC, guaranteeing that all of your family information is accurate and valid for official usage.

Renewal FRC
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