Procedure about How You Can Send us your Inquiry



You can get your NADRA Card by sitting in your home. For the issuance of your NADRA Card, you simply need to go to the website of the NADRA Card Center and contact our agent. Keep in mind that you just have to contact our agents on Online Chat or WhatsApp. For the competition of your NADRA Card, you need to follow the following points

  • Simply go to our website
  • Contact our support via submitting your email inquiry, Live Chat, or WhatsApp.
  • Get the application link to upload your documents or Share your paperwork on WhatsApp with our agents
  • After verification of your paperwork
  • You’ll receive a verifier form to verify all the details of the applicant.
  • After confirming your details you need to give fingerprints on the given form.
  • You need to send your fingerprints marked form back to us 2-3 alternatives (For Quick Approval of Application).
    You’re ready to count your chosen service days.

Fingerprint Details:

It is possible to print and fill out the biometric form with Inkpad, which you can purchase from any stationery shop. SCAN the filled biometric paper with a scanner and submit it to us at for same-day submission.

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