Lost Your NICOP? Sad!!! It's OKAY Apply with us and Get a New One :)


NADRA Card Center a Highly Skilled Website

The NADRA Card Center is essential in resolving all of your issues. whether you have lost card or misplaced it somewhere. We can quickly reprint your NADRA Card, but you must have to provide us your Lost ID number and date of issue, or any picture of your Lost ID Card, No matter where you have misplaced it. Our experts will assist you about getting a replacement and providing it to you on your address. To put it simply, we have created an all-in-one service website for UK residence. People’s lost or misplaced paperwork can now be reprinted with ease by us. With our unbeatable and flash tracking service, you can track your application status by putting their tracking ID in our “TRACK YOUR APPLICATION” page.

How to get back your lost NICOP Card?

If you have misplaced your lost NICOP and need to renew it, please visit our website. In just a few minutes, we can assist you in getting replacement of that misplaced NICOP. If you provide us with your NICOP number and date of issue or any picture of your lost ID Card. So, in the event of a lost or misplaced card, we are here to assist you at all times, as providing the best possible service is our only priority.

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