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July 2, 2024
July 2, 2024

Marriage registration with Nadra requires multiple processes and necessary paperwork. Below is a guide that covers the procedure of registering marriage in NADRA. 

Before you begin the procedure make sure you have all the necessary paperwork. 

  • Original and the copies of bride and groom’s CNIC.
  • CNIC of the witness 
  • A copy of the marriage 
  • Passport-size photos of the couple
  • Proof of residency

Why is a Marriage Certificate Important?

A marriage certificate is a legal document used as proof of marriage under law. It is required before registering your marriage in NADRA. Ensure that it is completed and signed by the marriage registrar. The Union Council or a competent municipal body must certify the marriage’s legitimacy before registering with the NADRA. 


Firstly, you need to submit all the required papers. After that, you need to submit the form for Marriage registration with the NADRA. Couples will need to verify their biometric verification. We will verify your information and then ask you to pay the applicable fee. After you have paid your fee, you will be eligible to register your marriage with the NADRA. 

If Your Marriage Certificate Lost?

If your marriage certificate is lost you don’t need to worry. You can obtain a duplicate from the union council where your marriage was first registered. A certificate issued by NADRA is globally recognized and can be used for immigration, visa applications, and other legal purposes so be sure that you have registered with NADRA. 

Processing Time:

It takes a little time to register a marriage with NADRA. From acquiring the marriage certificate to receiving the actual NADRA certificate varies based on several circumstances. The journey begins with the preparation of the marriage certificate. It is usually finished on the wedding day. After completing the marriage certificate, it must be attested by the Union Council. This attestation procedure often takes some days, depending on the efficiency and workload. Overall, the process of acquiring the NADRA marriage certificate might take a little time. It takes anywhere from a few weeks to a couple of months. This time frame is heavily dependent on the verification of your documents.


To summarize, registering a marriage with NADRA is an important legal step for couples. It ensures your marital status is formally recognized. The steps that are included are already described. While the initial printing of the marriage certificate is normally finished on the wedding day, the following stages, including Union Council attestation and NADRA processing, can take anywhere from a few weeks to a couple of months. The period varies depending on your documentation verification. To minimize delays, follow up frequently and ensure that all paperwork is filed accurately. Registering with NADRA not only legally legitimizes, but also promotes worldwide acceptance for immigration and visa applications. Couples should emphasize completing this process in a timely and precise manner.

July 2, 2024
July 2, 2024

Traveling to Pakistan without NICOP depends on several circumstances, including your nationality, the purpose of travel, and NICOP issuing authorities. Here’s a detailed look at the considerations you need to make; 

How Can Foreign Nationals Travel?

International nationals can go to Pakistan without a NICOP. If you have Pakistani citizenship, NICOP only applies to your trip plans. To enter Pakistan, you must have a valid passport from your home country and then obtain a visa. The procedure includes applying for a visa, which provides for representing the required papers. Then you need to fill out the application papers and pay the applicable fee. Traveling to Pakistan is still feasible for Pakistani residents living overseas who do not have NICOP, but it requires some extra processes. If you hold a Pakistani passport, you can enter the nation. However, unlike NICOP holders, you may experience some constraints. For example, your stay in Pakistan might be limited, and you may be subjected to more strict immigration procedures upon arrival.

Dual nationals possessing passports from other countries and citizenship can travel to Pakistan without a NICOP. To enter the nation, you must use your passport. You will require a visa if you want to travel using your foreign passport. However, having NICOP makes the process easier because it allows for visa-free entrance and frequently speeds up airport procedures.

Alternative to NICOP:

If getting NICOP is not an option, you can travel with your passport. For regular travelers, applying for a NICOP may still be useful in the long term due to its simplicity and rewards. Furthermore, obtaining NICOP might help people planning a lengthy stay or many visits by simplifying travel and residence concerns.  

Role of Submission Letter in Traveling to Pakistan: offers accelerated NICOP services, allowing you to submit and process your application on the same day. We will process your application and provide you with a digital copy for fingerprinting once we get the relevant papers. After submission, we will initiate the application procedure and send you a letter confirming the renewal of your NICOP. The submission letter confirms your authorization to go to Pakistan. To get a submission letter you first need to validate your status as a Pakistani citizen residing abroad with a valid NICOP. To get a submission letter ensure to provide the requirements accurately.


Traveling to Pakistan without a NICOP is possible under certain conditions, notably for foreign nationals and Pakistani citizens with valid passports. While NICOP provides the benefit of visa-free entrance and faster processes, people who do not have it can still enter Pakistan with the necessary papers and visas. Dual nationals can travel with either their Pakistani passport or a visa obtained with their foreign passport. Acquiring NICOP is helpful for regular travelers or those planning prolonged stays because it simplifies the travel and residence formalities. Services like offer accelerated NICOP processing, ensuring that travel preparations are completed quickly. Overall, assessing your travel requirements and providing the relevant papers will ensure a smooth entry into Pakistan, whether you have a NICOP.

June 25, 2024
June 25, 2024

Yes, you can renew your NICOP online from The method is intended to be simple and fast allowing foreign Pakistanis to handle their identification documents without having to visit offices.

Renewal Importantance:

NICOP is a crucial identifying card for Pakistanis living abroad. It serves as a confirmation of citizenship and is necessary for many official functions. Renewing your NICOP ensures that your personal information is up to date and that you continue to enjoy the benefits and protections that come with having a valid identification card.

Requirements for NICOP Renewal:

Before beginning the renewal procedure you need the following documents ready 

  • Previous NICOP
  • Passport
  • Proof of Residence 
  • Biometric Verification 
  • Payment Method (Debit/Credit Card)

How to Start the Renewal Process?

  1. You need to go to the website 
  2. If you’re a first-time user you need to create an account 
  3. Fill out the application form and submit it
  4. After submitting you need to pay the fee and wait for the NICOP to arrive at your address 

Details Required While Filling Out the Form:

You need to provide personal information. Provide the names and NICOP numbers of your parents or guardians, if appropriate. Then provide current and prior addresses, if any have changed. Lastly, submit a current picture and fingerprint scan. 

How to Upload Documents?

Our website will walk you through the document upload procedure delivering a seamless and efficient experience. It is critical to ensure that the scanned copies of your passport, proof of residency, and any other needed papers are readable, and in the approved format. This step is important to avoid any complications with document recognition. Also double check that you’re putting the relevant documents into the correct areas. This attention to detail helps to avoid delays in processing your application and guarantees that your renewal request is handled efficiently. By following these instructions, you may ensure a smooth document submission procedure.

What If You Have Encounter Issues?

If you have any problems or queries regarding the NICOP Renewal online procedure, please contact’s help service. There are several resources available here including FAQs, guides, and direct customer support. This powerful support system is intended to help you at every step of the application. The professional support team is ready to help you, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free renewal process. Enjoy this user-friendly help that makes your NICOP Renewal process simple and stress-free. 


In conclusion, renewing your NICOP online with is a simple and effective process that is customized for the needs of Pakistanis living abroad. By preparing the relevant paperwork and following the step-by-step instructions, you can guarantee that your renewal application goes successfully. The portal’s user-friendly layout and solid support system give several tools to help you through the procedure. This handy technique not only saves time but also assures that your identification information is current and legitimate, allowing you to continue enjoying the benefits and protections that come with having a valid NICOP. Enjoy the convenience and effectiveness of online NICOP renewal today.

December 12, 2021

People occasionally purchase and confirm their tickets and they just discover that their Pakistan Overseas Card has expired. We understand how upsetting and discouraging it is to learn at the last minute that your NICOP is no longer valid. It will ruin your entire mood because you were so looking forward to seeing your friends and family after such a long time. If NADRA Card wasn’t there to tell you what to do, you might be in a lot of trouble. We have a quick and simple solution for you that won’t disrupt your plans to visit Pakistan, we’ll finish your application the same day and send you a travel submission letter. You can easily travel with that submission letter and original expired card.

Safe Method:

This service allows you to submit your application and receive a letter of permission to travel. We send your application for processing after receiving it and provide you with a submission letter. You can travel freely with this letter and your original expired NADRA NICOP. Yes, it is a completely safe method, The NADRA Card and the Federal Immigration Authority of Pakistan have allowed dual nationality citizens to travel to Pakistan in this manner.

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