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July 7, 2022
July 7, 2022

The time is long gone when you have to go physically to Nadra offices to renew your Pakistan NADRA Card. Now talking about your Nadra cards if you find yours an expired one then you don’t have to get worried about visiting Nadra offices and waiting in long lines because now you have a reliable and quick service called Nadra Card Center. We provide services that help you renew your Nadra card online.

Two Types Of Services NADRA Card Center Provides

To renew your Nadra card online, you just have to contact the Nadra card center.

  1. The First service we provide is that if you want your Nadra card to get renewal online you can share your documents with us and we will make sure to proceed with your application as soon as we get all the papers.
  2. The Second method is that if the customer wants to proceed with the application by himself then we can provide the link from where they can apply for the NADRA Card Online UK.

It depends on the applicants what procedure they want to go with taking advantage of our service. Once you are done with all the formalities and documentation rest is our job.

Some Information For You To Know About The Nadra Card Renewal

What if you have to travel within some days and you don’t have this much time to wait for the renewed card to reach your place still you can travel? Once you apply for the Nadra card renewal despite choosing fast delivery your card might take some days but what will help you traveling is the submission letter from the Nadra card center. We will send you a submission letter after applying from our side that you will be showing with your original expired Nadra card at the airport and you are good to travel without any hassle.

Expected Time Of Delivery Of The Card

There are three options of time frame you can apply for

Fast: Fast delivery approximately takes 7 to 10 days

Urgent: if you choose the rapid delivery category the time might take 2 to 3 working weeks

Slow: Slow or basic time your card might take 4 to 6 working weeks

Fees Structure Of Nadra Card Center

When you choose to apply for the renewal of Nadra Card Online you have to pay fees against the task. The fees vary on the category of time frame you choose while applying.

l Charges for the fast delivery 160£

l Charges of urgent delivery 130£

l Charges of Slow delivery 99£

There is no service of cash on delivery. You will have to pay right at the time of applying. The sources you can use are your bank cards or any other secure payment method.

Our Helpline Is Available 24*7

No worries if you have any concerns regarding the process because you can contact us anytime without looking at the time. Our customer care representatives are there to guide you with anything at any time possible.

July 2, 2022
July 2, 2022

Nadra card center has brought ease and convenience to the stuff related to the NADRA. From the paperwork to the other formalities, nothing is easy if you need to get some work done at the NADRA  office. We have come up to facilitate overseas Pakistanis with the NADRA Card UK making their traveling all the more stressful and hassle-free.

Once you get your NICOP that means that the card will be valid for a limited duration of time and after that, the card expire and you would have to apply for the Nadra Card Renewal UK. For the people living in the UK, you can take advantage of getting your Nadra Card Bradford at your doorstep. We provide our services almost everywhere except the countries not allowed by Pakistan.

How Much You Will Be Paying For The Renewal Nadra Card

If your card needs to get renewed NADRA card center charges a very reasonable amount for this task. The payment depends on the category of the application you choose. There are options for the time frame you get as to how early you want your card to reach your place.

There are three types of deliveries we offer such as:

  • Urgent: if you choose urgent delivery this will take 7 to 10 business days
  • Fast: takes 2 to 3 working weeks
  • Slow/basic: 4 to 6 working weeks
  • The payment will according to the time frame of the delivery ie:
  • l If you apply for urgent delivery the cost will be 180
  • l If you apply for fast delivery you will have to pay 199
  • l For the slow delivery you will be paying 150

If you are going to travel anytime soon and your card is no longer valid you still

can travel anyway if you already have applied for the renewal. Still, if you want the Renewal NADRA card for any other purpose or you can pay the fee according to our criteria you can choose the type of application according to your requirements.

Source Of Payment Of Application

We do not offer cash on delivery. You will have to pay right at the time we submit your application. You will be able to pay through your bank cards or any other authentic payment medium.

Nadra Card Center Is All You Need Regarding Any Nadra Concern

Now no more waiting outside NADRA offices or embassies because we have been providing our services and one of them is to Apply For The Nadra Card Online. The services include proceeding with the application of our clients when they share the documents and data with us. The second one is that we provide the links from where Pakistanis can apply for the renewal of the NICOP. Nadra card center is the one authentic and fastest source of getting any task done regarding NADRA. There might be other sources out there but the scam rate is high these days and you can’t take risks with your official documents and personal information.

We Are Available At Any Hour

If you have got any concerns or queries regarding NADRA or our service you are more than welcome to contact us at any time am or pm. Our customer care representatives are there to respond instantly. So feel free to contact me or ask for anything.

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