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July 2, 2024
July 2, 2024

Marriage registration with Nadra requires multiple processes and necessary paperwork. Below is a guide that covers the procedure of registering marriage in NADRA. 

Before you begin the procedure make sure you have all the necessary paperwork. 

  • Original and the copies of bride and groom’s CNIC.
  • CNIC of the witness 
  • A copy of the marriage 
  • Passport-size photos of the couple
  • Proof of residency

Why is a Marriage Certificate Important?

A marriage certificate is a legal document used as proof of marriage under law. It is required before registering your marriage in NADRA. Ensure that it is completed and signed by the marriage registrar. The Union Council or a competent municipal body must certify the marriage’s legitimacy before registering with the NADRA. 


Firstly, you need to submit all the required papers. After that, you need to submit the form for Marriage registration with the NADRA. Couples will need to verify their biometric verification. We will verify your information and then ask you to pay the applicable fee. After you have paid your fee, you will be eligible to register your marriage with the NADRA. 

If Your Marriage Certificate Lost?

If your marriage certificate is lost you don’t need to worry. You can obtain a duplicate from the union council where your marriage was first registered. A certificate issued by NADRA is globally recognized and can be used for immigration, visa applications, and other legal purposes so be sure that you have registered with NADRA. 

Processing Time:

It takes a little time to register a marriage with NADRA. From acquiring the marriage certificate to receiving the actual NADRA certificate varies based on several circumstances. The journey begins with the preparation of the marriage certificate. It is usually finished on the wedding day. After completing the marriage certificate, it must be attested by the Union Council. This attestation procedure often takes some days, depending on the efficiency and workload. Overall, the process of acquiring the NADRA marriage certificate might take a little time. It takes anywhere from a few weeks to a couple of months. This time frame is heavily dependent on the verification of your documents.


To summarize, registering a marriage with NADRA is an important legal step for couples. It ensures your marital status is formally recognized. The steps that are included are already described. While the initial printing of the marriage certificate is normally finished on the wedding day, the following stages, including Union Council attestation and NADRA processing, can take anywhere from a few weeks to a couple of months. The period varies depending on your documentation verification. To minimize delays, follow up frequently and ensure that all paperwork is filed accurately. Registering with NADRA not only legally legitimizes, but also promotes worldwide acceptance for immigration and visa applications. Couples should emphasize completing this process in a timely and precise manner.

July 2, 2024
July 2, 2024

Traveling to Pakistan without NICOP depends on several circumstances, including your nationality, the purpose of travel, and NICOP issuing authorities. Here’s a detailed look at the considerations you need to make; 

How Can Foreign Nationals Travel?

International nationals can go to Pakistan without a NICOP. If you have Pakistani citizenship, NICOP only applies to your trip plans. To enter Pakistan, you must have a valid passport from your home country and then obtain a visa. The procedure includes applying for a visa, which provides for representing the required papers. Then you need to fill out the application papers and pay the applicable fee. Traveling to Pakistan is still feasible for Pakistani residents living overseas who do not have NICOP, but it requires some extra processes. If you hold a Pakistani passport, you can enter the nation. However, unlike NICOP holders, you may experience some constraints. For example, your stay in Pakistan might be limited, and you may be subjected to more strict immigration procedures upon arrival.

Dual nationals possessing passports from other countries and citizenship can travel to Pakistan without a NICOP. To enter the nation, you must use your passport. You will require a visa if you want to travel using your foreign passport. However, having NICOP makes the process easier because it allows for visa-free entrance and frequently speeds up airport procedures.

Alternative to NICOP:

If getting NICOP is not an option, you can travel with your passport. For regular travelers, applying for a NICOP may still be useful in the long term due to its simplicity and rewards. Furthermore, obtaining NICOP might help people planning a lengthy stay or many visits by simplifying travel and residence concerns.  

Role of Submission Letter in Traveling to Pakistan: offers accelerated NICOP services, allowing you to submit and process your application on the same day. We will process your application and provide you with a digital copy for fingerprinting once we get the relevant papers. After submission, we will initiate the application procedure and send you a letter confirming the renewal of your NICOP. The submission letter confirms your authorization to go to Pakistan. To get a submission letter you first need to validate your status as a Pakistani citizen residing abroad with a valid NICOP. To get a submission letter ensure to provide the requirements accurately.


Traveling to Pakistan without a NICOP is possible under certain conditions, notably for foreign nationals and Pakistani citizens with valid passports. While NICOP provides the benefit of visa-free entrance and faster processes, people who do not have it can still enter Pakistan with the necessary papers and visas. Dual nationals can travel with either their Pakistani passport or a visa obtained with their foreign passport. Acquiring NICOP is helpful for regular travelers or those planning prolonged stays because it simplifies the travel and residence formalities. Services like offer accelerated NICOP processing, ensuring that travel preparations are completed quickly. Overall, assessing your travel requirements and providing the relevant papers will ensure a smooth entry into Pakistan, whether you have a NICOP.

June 25, 2024
June 25, 2024

Yes, you can renew your NICOP online from The method is intended to be simple and fast allowing foreign Pakistanis to handle their identification documents without having to visit offices.

Renewal Importantance:

NICOP is a crucial identifying card for Pakistanis living abroad. It serves as a confirmation of citizenship and is necessary for many official functions. Renewing your NICOP ensures that your personal information is up to date and that you continue to enjoy the benefits and protections that come with having a valid identification card.

Requirements for NICOP Renewal:

Before beginning the renewal procedure you need the following documents ready 

  • Previous NICOP
  • Passport
  • Proof of Residence 
  • Biometric Verification 
  • Payment Method (Debit/Credit Card)

How to Start the Renewal Process?

  1. You need to go to the website 
  2. If you’re a first-time user you need to create an account 
  3. Fill out the application form and submit it
  4. After submitting you need to pay the fee and wait for the NICOP to arrive at your address 

Details Required While Filling Out the Form:

You need to provide personal information. Provide the names and NICOP numbers of your parents or guardians, if appropriate. Then provide current and prior addresses, if any have changed. Lastly, submit a current picture and fingerprint scan. 

How to Upload Documents?

Our website will walk you through the document upload procedure delivering a seamless and efficient experience. It is critical to ensure that the scanned copies of your passport, proof of residency, and any other needed papers are readable, and in the approved format. This step is important to avoid any complications with document recognition. Also double check that you’re putting the relevant documents into the correct areas. This attention to detail helps to avoid delays in processing your application and guarantees that your renewal request is handled efficiently. By following these instructions, you may ensure a smooth document submission procedure.

What If You Have Encounter Issues?

If you have any problems or queries regarding the NICOP Renewal online procedure, please contact’s help service. There are several resources available here including FAQs, guides, and direct customer support. This powerful support system is intended to help you at every step of the application. The professional support team is ready to help you, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free renewal process. Enjoy this user-friendly help that makes your NICOP Renewal process simple and stress-free. 


In conclusion, renewing your NICOP online with is a simple and effective process that is customized for the needs of Pakistanis living abroad. By preparing the relevant paperwork and following the step-by-step instructions, you can guarantee that your renewal application goes successfully. The portal’s user-friendly layout and solid support system give several tools to help you through the procedure. This handy technique not only saves time but also assures that your identification information is current and legitimate, allowing you to continue enjoying the benefits and protections that come with having a valid NICOP. Enjoy the convenience and effectiveness of online NICOP renewal today.

June 25, 2024

Updating your Marital status at Online requires multiple procedures. Nadra is the central authority in charge of registering residents and providing identification documents. We provide a variety of online services that can help you to fulfill your requirements while sitting at home. Let’s take a detailed view on how to update your material status with

Required Documents for Marital status

Before beginning the procedure make sure you have the following documents: 

  • The Orignal National Identity Card
  • A Marriage Certificate
  • Divorce Certificate (in the event of divorce)
  • Death Certificate (if widowed)
  • Passport sized photos 
  • Copies of your spouse’s NIC.  


If you do not already have an account, you have to create one using the website. Go to the website and then select the ‘Create New Account’ option. After that, you need to enter your personal information. Confirm your email and phone number by following the instructions given to your email and phone. After creating your account, log in using your credentials. The dashboard displays the many services provided by NADRA. To change your marital status, you need to navigate to the Modification section and choose ‘Marital Status’ from the list of alternatives. The online form will ask you to fill out information regarding your existing and new Marital status. Prepare to provide personal information. You will need to provide scanned copies of the required supporting papers. Make sure scans are clean and readable. After completing the form and submitting the required documents, double-check all the information to ensure correctness. Any mistake can cause your application to be delayed or rejected.

After submitting, you will be routed to a payment system. We charge a small processing fee to update your marital status. Payments are often performed online using credit/debit cards. After payment, you will be sent a tracking number. You can utilize this number to check the status of your application using the NADRA site. Processing timeframes may vary, so visit the site frequently for changes. Once the application has been completed and accepted, NADRA will change your marital status in their database. You will be notified, and a new NICOP will be sent to your registered address.

If You Have Any Confusion:

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you’re unable to understand something. Our team is always available to assist you in any way possible. You can contact us by phone or email using the information provided on We prioritize customer pleasure and guarantee a pleasant experience. 


Updating your marital status on is a simple and organized process that allows you to modify your personal information from the comfort of your own home. You may conveniently update your NADRA records by ensuring you have all the required documentation and following the thorough stages of the procedure. We streamline the procedure, making it more accessible and user-friendly. If you have any concerns or queries, the professional support team at is here to help, providing a seamless and satisfying experience. Using these online services not only saves time but also ensures that your information is safe and up to date.

June 25, 2024
June 25, 2024

Losing your NICOP can be troubling, but understanding how to replace it can help you deal with the situation more swiftly. The NICOP is a vital document for persons who live abroad since it provides proof of identification and citizenship. It also speeds up a variety of administrative operations. Here is a step-by-step guide on what to do if you lose your NICOP.  

What details are required when You Lose a NICOP Card?

First and foremost, you should notify the local police authorities in the nation where you now live. Filing a police complaint is critical because it gives a formal record of the loss, which can be important if there are concerns about identity theft or NICOP misuse. When applying for a new NICOP, you will need to provide a police complaint record. Next, notify the of the loss. We offer an effective online interface where you may report the loss and get a replacement. When reporting the loss to us, you must include the details of your before NICOP, including the number if you have one, as well as any other relevant personal information.

To apply for another NICOP, fill out an application form which can be completed online. The form required personal information. In addition, you must upload the required document copies. We will also demand biometric verification, which involves fingerprint scanning and a picture. These services are especially useful if you need a new card quickly due to future trips. After submitting your application, you will be issued a tracking number. This number allows you to track the status of your application. The processing period for a duplicate NICOP varies according to the service you choose. However, it might range from a few days to several weeks.

How to Pay the Fee?

To pay the renewal charges online, navigate to the website and locate the duplicate NICOP area. Review the information carefully and choose a payment option such as a credit or debit card. Then input the right billing information. Verify your details, then confirm the transaction and save the confirmation notification. Log out of your account after you’ve completed the payment. For assistance, please visit the portal’s support page or contact customer service.


In conclusion, while Lost NICOP might be worrisome, understanding how to replace it can make the process much easier. First, submit a police complaint as soon as possible to document the loss and prevent identity theft. Next, use the efficient online interface provided by NADRA or an approved provider, such as, to report the loss. Be prepared to present previous NICOP and personal information. To complete the application, you must fill out a form, provide the required papers, and pass biometric verification. If you want a replacement card urgently, select expedited services. Lastly, paying the renewal price is simple through the web portal, where you should carefully examine your data, pick a payment option, and save the transaction confirmation. Following these procedures will allow you to properly organize the replacement of your NICOP while minimizing the difficulty caused by its loss.

April 19, 2024
April 19, 2024

The NICOP is a registration card that is given to qualified Pakistani citizens who live or have a reference overseas. When applying for a NICOP Modification, one of the most important criteria is a photograph, and there are precise standards you must follow to guarantee your application is handled properly. Here are the general qualifications for a NICOP picture you need to follow

Why You Should Follow the Instructions?

The submission of a photograph is an important part of the NICOP application process, and it requires careful adherence to certain requirements. Understanding and adhering to the NICOP picture standards is important for various reasons. First and foremost, a photo that matches the established requirements guarantees that the cardholder’s identity can be reliably validated, maintaining the document’s security measures. It helps to avoid delays or rejections in the application. The NICOP photo must correctly represent the applicant. These described standards are not random. They are intended to improve the photo’s readability and compatibility with biometric identification systems used in security and identification operations worldwide. As a result, knowing and strictly adhering to the NICOP picture standards is more than just legality; it is also about assuring the document’s security

  • The photo should be 35mm x 45mm, however, you should check the most recent standards in case anything changes.
  • The image should not be in black and white.
  •  A white or off-white background is needed. There should be no patterns or items visible.
  • Ensure the face is visible and facing ahead. No hair should conceal the face or eyes.
  • The margins of the face should be visible. The look should be neutral, with the lips closed and no smile.
  •  Eyes should be open and visible. Ensure the shot is free of red-eye. If you use glasses, there should be no reflections and the frames shouldn’t mask any area of your eyes. Tinted glasses and sunglasses are not permitted.
  • Head coverings are only permitted for religious reasons.
  • Photographs must be of excellent quality, without lines or marks. – It should not be digitally edited to modify your look.
  • The photo must be recent, usually within the previous six months, to represent your current appearance.

Follow these guidelines strictly since any mistake may result in delays in the processing of your NICOP application.

Mistakes You Should Avoid:

Meeting the NICOP picture standards is critical for a successful application process. Common blunders include utilizing the wrong background, photo size, and unsuitable facial expressions or clothes. Photos must be shot on a simple white or off-white background, with the applicant facing the camera straight. The size should perfectly match the provided measurements. Reflective glasses, caps, and other items that conceal the face are not permitted, unless for religious reasons, in which case the face must be entirely visible from the forehead to the chin. A neutral expression is required. Ensure that your photo fits these standards to avoid delays or rejections of your NICOP application.


In conclusion, meeting the NICOP picture standards is critical for a successful application procedure. Any violation of these requirements may cause delays or rejections.

April 19, 2024
April 19, 2024

If your NICOP has expired, you must renew it as soon as possible since it is an important document for abroad Pakistanis. Through you can renew your NICOP within a short period. For individuals who are qualified for online renewal, our website gives thorough instructions on how to complete the process, which includes gathering relevant papers and paying any applicable costs. If you will have any difficulty in providing documents please contact NADRA’s representative via online chat or WhatsApp. They can help you through the renewal procedure and provide information on essential documents. It’s critical to prepare ahead, especially if you need your NADRA Card for travel because processing periods might vary. Furthermore, remaining informed about the status of your application you can use NADRA’s tracking services to get a smooth renewal procedure.

What Documents will be Required?

NICOP renewal normally requires the following documents:

  • NADRA Card Front/Back Picture
  • British Passport
  • Passport Size Picture

How Long Does it Take to Get the NICOP Renewal?

When you renew your NICOP online, the procedure is supposed to be quick and easy. After visiting NADRA Card Center UK website, you’ll usually start by making an account or logging in if you already have one. Then, follow the NICOP renewal procedures, which frequently include filling out an online application form with your personal information. After completing the application form, you must provide scanned copies of the needed papers. To prevent processing delays, ensure that the submitted documents fulfill the required standards. After submitting your application, you will most likely be asked to pay the renewal amount online.

Once your application and payment have been properly completed, we will send you a confirmation that your renewal request has been received. Following that, we will review your application and send it to you. The processing period for online NICOP Renewal varies, but you can expect to obtain your renewed NICOP within a few weeks to a couple of months, depending on NADRA’s current workload.

What If I Need Urgent For Travel?

If you need your NICOP for an upcoming travel, you should schedule your renewal well in advance to minimize any difficulty or travel difficulties. Starting the renewal procedure early gives for enough processing time and guarantees that your renewed NICOP arrives before your planned trip dates. Additionally, you can request that give you a submission letter that will enable you to travel without your NICOP. However, keep in mind that the submission letter simply indicates that you have submitted an application for NICOP Renewal, and you may only stay for a limited period.


To summarize, renewing your expired NICOP is critical for abroad Pakistanis, especially if you need it for travel. Using online renewal services such as simplifies the procedure, but planning ahead of time is critical to minimize delays. By providing the required documentation and remaining up to date on the status of your application, you can ensure a smooth renewal procedure and get your NICOP on an acceptable timeline.

April 16, 2024
April 16, 2024
  • Begin by visiting the official website. There you’ll find the option of getting the NICOP Modification form 
  • Get the NICOP modification form from the NADRA website. 
  • Provide correct and up-to-date information. Make sure to include all the needed information, such as your personal information and other information required in modifications to your NICOP card. 
  • Collect all supporting documentation that may be needed for the upgrade. This may include copies of your current NICOP card, passport, proof of residency, marriage certificate (if applicable), and any other papers related to the revisions you are making.
  • Submit your completed application form and all relevant documentation to the To prevent delays in processing, ensure that all papers are full and accurate.
  •  Pay the appropriate cost to update your NICOP card. The charge may vary based on the type of update and your region. You may learn more about the cost structure on the NADRA website or by contacting the appropriate office.
  •  Once your application has been completed and accepted, you will receive your updated NICOP card at your door.

By completing these procedures and submitting appropriate information and documentation, you may successfully update your NICOP card online to reflect your current status and details.

Why You Should Update Your NICOP?

Updating your NICOP is necessary for numerous reasons. It confirms that all of the information on your NICOP is correct and up to date, including your name, residence, and marital status. Such accuracy is critical for many official purposes, including travel, employment, banking, and legal activities. Keeping your NICOP up to date ensures that you remain compliant with the legal standards imposed by NADRA Card Center UK, preventing any potential legal hassles or concerns with official paperwork. Furthermore, an updated NICOP can make travel easier, both locally and internationally, because it acts as the primary form of identification necessary for immigration and border control.

How Long Does it Take to Update NICOP?

The time necessary to receive a NICOP varies according to the application type selected. If you choose standard processing and the case officer accepts your application, your NICOP will generally be provided within 31 business days. Alternatively, choosing expedited processing reduces the duration to roughly 23 working days from the day your application is submitted. For individuals in urgent need, fast processing is available, allowing you to acquire your NICOP in as little as 7 to 10 business days. 


To summarize, upgrading your NICOP is a simple process. This guarantees that your NICOP accurately represents your current status and information, which is required for a variety of official purposes, including travel and legal activity. Additionally, having your NICOP up to date allows you to stay compliant with legal regulations and have easier travel experiences. The processing time for upgrading your NICOP varies according to the option you select, with expedited processing providing faster response times for individuals in immediate need.

April 16, 2024
April 16, 2024 is committed to continuously improving the standard of its services. We are working very hard to expedite the shipping documents’ procedure so that it can serve our clients more quickly and effectively. Our objective is to streamline the entire procedure so that it is easily accessible and manageable for everybody. Furthermore, is dedicated to helping its clients and will do all in its power to support them as they work to overcome any challenges they may have. has an office in the UK to better serve Pakistanis who are expatriates. Through this effort, Pakistanis living abroad will be able to easily obtain the services they need by streamlining and simplifying the paperwork procedure.

Through the NADRA Card Center, you can easily apply for your NICOP card from the comfort of your home. Just go to the website and fill out the online application. You will have the ability to go to Pakistan without a visa thanks to your NICOP. It is important to remember that the applicant’s age determines whether the NICOP is authentic. It must be renewed after it expires to continue profitably using its features. Apply for your NICOP as soon as possible to take advantage of easy services and guarantee hassle-free travel to Pakistan. Let’s see what documents will be required to get the NICOP;

Required Documents:

Your identity and eligibility must be verified using the following documents to receive your NICOP.

  • Birth Certificate 
  • British Passport 
  • Passport Size Picture 
  • Parent NADRA Card

Processing Time:

The duration of time required to obtain a NICOP varies based on the application type selected. After the case officer accepts your application, it will take around 31 business days to obtain your NICOP if you choose regular processing. On the other hand, if you choose expedited processing, your NICOP should arrive 23 working days after the application is submitted. There is an option for accelerated processing, which allows you to acquire your NICOP in only 7 to 10 business days, for those who need it immediately. The time it takes to process your application and get your NICOP depends on what kind you choose.


To sum up, is committed to improving its services to give customers a flawless experience. We are dedicated to providing clients with faster service and processing documents. By making processes easier to understand and offering assistance, we want to help clients overcome obstacles. We provide easy access to necessary services with a UK office for expatriate Pakistanis. Applying for a NICOP online at NADRA Card Center UK is convenient since it lets people get the paperwork they need without leaving their homes. Travel to Pakistan is made easier with the NICOP, and to continue receiving benefits, it must be renewed. The birth certificate, British passport, passport-size picture, and parent’s NADRA card are required documents. Depending on the kind of application, there are varied processing periods. Regular, accelerated, and expedited processing are available to meet different demands. To get hassle-free travel and effective services, apply now.

April 16, 2024
April 16, 2024

If your NICOP expires, you must move quickly to fix the issue. Understanding the effects of an expired NICOP is critical. With an expired NICOP, you may have difficulty getting benefits from NICOP. To minimize any trouble, it is thus advised that you renew your NICOP as soon as possible.

What NICOP Renewal Requires?

A NICOP renewal usually requires the submission of an online application or through Then provide supporting documentation, including identification and residence certificates, and any other paperwork needed, will be sought from you. It’s important to carefully read the renewal instructions as the particular requirements may differ based on your situation. You can start the renewal application process once you’ve acquired all the required paperwork. Ensuring the accuracy and timeliness of all submitted information is essential to prevent any potential delays or issues throughout the renewal process. Your NICOP renewal application may take some time to process, depending on your location and the processing periods.

Supporting Documents:

There are usually a few particular documents needed to finish the process of renewing your NICOP. The precise paperwork required may change depending on your unique situation. Nonetheless, the following provides a broad summary of the paperwork frequently required for NICOP renewal:

  • Application Form
  • Passport-Sized Photos
  • Copy of Expired NICOP
  •  Valid Passport:
  • Proof of Residence
  • Renewal Fee

In addition, further documents could be needed, based on your specific situation. Before beginning the NICOP renewal online procedure, be sure that you have all relevant paperwork in order and that the renewal criteria are well understood. This preparation can help you to simplify the process and reduce the chance of errors or delays.

Can I Travel During the NICOP Renewal Procedure?

If you still need to go somewhere or use some services while the renewal procedure is ongoing. In these situations, you could think about getting a temporary identity paper known as a submission letter to serve as a backup form of identification while your NICOP renewal is being processed. In rare situations, you might be able to seek expedited processing or receive a temporary travel document, if you have an urgent need to travel or access specific services and your NICOP renewal is delayed. However, some choices can have extra restrictions and particular eligibility requirements, so it’s important to ask the NADRA’s representative about them directly.


To summarize, quickly renewing an expired NICOP is critical to minimize trouble or disruption while accessing services, traveling, or establishing your identity. The procedure includes submitting an application via, presenting required evidence such as a valid passport and proof of residency, and paying the renewal charge. While the renewal is being handled, acquiring a submission letter may provide temporary relief for identification reasons. It is critical to prepare all relevant documents ahead of time and investigate the option of expedited processing or temporary documents for urgent travel needs. Direct communication with NADRA staff may give personalized counsel for individual situations, guaranteeing a seamless renewal procedure.

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