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April 12, 2024

Renewing your NICOP is an essential task. First and foremost, it assures that your identification is genuine. Furthermore, having a NICOP provides various benefits. The renewal of your NICOP is required to retain your formal status as a Pakistani citizen. This evidence is also required for numerous administrative purposes, such as opening a bank account, performing property transactions, and many more. The website allows you to renew your NICOP online with ease. Our service is intended to be faster and more efficient than the standard in-person submission process. When renewing online, applicants benefit from a streamlined approach that allows them to complete all essential stages from the comfort of their own homes, eliminating the need to travel to a consulate or embassy.

The online renewal procedure normally consists of filling out an application form, submitting needed papers, and paying the applicable costs using a secure payment system. This digital method not only speeds up application processing but also lowers the possibility of mistakes that might arise during processing by hand. The simplicity of online renewal is especially beneficial for people who live far away or have hectic schedules since it removes the need for travel and shortens wait periods. Furthermore, the online system frequently gives real-time information on the status of the application, allowing applicants to follow their renewal process step by step.

Required Documents

When applying for your NICOP, make sure that all of your documentation is genuine, legible, and up to date to minimize application delays. Each document is critical to the overall verification process, helping to simplify your application and ensuring compliance with both Pakistani and international identity requirements.

● Birth Certificate

● British Passport

● Passport Size Picture

● Parent NADRA Card

Card Shipping Information

Processing timeframes for NICOP renewal are strongly determined by the application’s completeness and correctness. During peak periods or busy seasons, such as vacations or special events, the number of applications increases, potentially extending processing delays. Applicants should expect the processing time to range from several weeks to a few months. To minimize problems, submit renewal applications far before the card’s expiration date to provide enough time for processing. Processing timeframes differ based on the category of application submitted.


This regular service processes NICOPs in 31 working days or roughly six weeks.


For individuals who want speedier service, the urgent option processes NICOPs within 21 working days, or approximately three weeks.


This is the quickest option possible, with NICOPs processed in only 10 working days, or around one week.

To begin the NICOP renewal procedure, applicants should go to the website. We’ll give you thorough guidance on the needed paperwork and methods for acquiring a NICOP. We also include various useful resources, such as a 24-hour online chat service, a complaint account, and a way for NADRA professionals to promptly answer consumer complaints. By using these services and selecting the proper application form based on urgency, applicants may significantly speed up their NICOP renewal and ensure timely processing.

Why Always NADRA Card Center Should be First Priority?

Overseas Pakistanis can effortlessly receive their NICOP cards by completing an online application at The procedure is simple and secure, requiring only a few supporting papers for verification. Applicants can pick from a variety of processing periods, ranging from simple to executive, to meet their demands. To guarantee a flawless transaction, online payments must be performed with a debit or credit card. Applicants can contact by email, WhatsApp, or the phone number. Individuals who apply via NADRA Card Center UK may benefit from the convenience of acquiring their NICOP, owing to the user-friendly interface and attentive customer assistance.


In conclusion, renewing your NICOP at is a simple and effective solution for Pakistanis living abroad. With a simple online application process and a variety of processing choices to meet diverse demands, applicants may quickly manage the renewal process from the comfort of their own homes. By ensuring that all essential papers are authentic and up to date, applicants can reduce delays and speed up the processing of their NICOP. Applicants may get focused on customer care via email, WhatsApp, or phone anytime they need it. streamlines the NICOP renewal procedure, making it the best option for acquiring NICOP cards without fuss.

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