What are the Requirements of NICOP Photo?
April 19, 2024

What are the Requirements of NICOP Photo?

The NICOP is a registration card that is given to qualified Pakistani citizens who live or have a reference overseas. When applying for a NICOP Modification, one of the most important criteria is a photograph, and there are precise standards you must follow to guarantee your application is handled properly. Here are the general qualifications for a NICOP picture you need to follow

Why You Should Follow the Instructions?

The submission of a photograph is an important part of the NICOP application process, and it requires careful adherence to certain requirements. Understanding and adhering to the NICOP picture standards is important for various reasons. First and foremost, a photo that matches the established requirements guarantees that the cardholder’s identity can be reliably validated, maintaining the document’s security measures. It helps to avoid delays or rejections in the application. The NICOP photo must correctly represent the applicant. These described standards are not random. They are intended to improve the photo’s readability and compatibility with biometric identification systems used in security and identification operations worldwide. As a result, knowing and strictly adhering to the NICOP picture standards is more than just legality; it is also about assuring the document’s security

  • The photo should be 35mm x 45mm, however, you should check the most recent standards in case anything changes.
  • The image should not be in black and white.
  •  A white or off-white background is needed. There should be no patterns or items visible.
  • Ensure the face is visible and facing ahead. No hair should conceal the face or eyes.
  • The margins of the face should be visible. The look should be neutral, with the lips closed and no smile.
  •  Eyes should be open and visible. Ensure the shot is free of red-eye. If you use glasses, there should be no reflections and the frames shouldn’t mask any area of your eyes. Tinted glasses and sunglasses are not permitted.
  • Head coverings are only permitted for religious reasons.
  • Photographs must be of excellent quality, without lines or marks. – It should not be digitally edited to modify your look.
  • The photo must be recent, usually within the previous six months, to represent your current appearance.

Follow these guidelines strictly since any mistake may result in delays in the processing of your NICOP application.

Mistakes You Should Avoid:

Meeting the NICOP picture standards is critical for a successful application process. Common blunders include utilizing the wrong background, photo size, and unsuitable facial expressions or clothes. Photos must be shot on a simple white or off-white background, with the applicant facing the camera straight. The size should perfectly match the provided measurements. Reflective glasses, caps, and other items that conceal the face are not permitted, unless for religious reasons, in which case the face must be entirely visible from the forehead to the chin. A neutral expression is required. Ensure that your photo fits these standards to avoid delays or rejections of your NICOP application.


In conclusion, meeting the NICOP picture standards is critical for a successful application procedure. Any violation of these requirements may cause delays or rejections.

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