Can I Expedite the Process For Urgent Travel Needs?
April 16, 2024

Can I Expedite the Process For Urgent Travel Needs?

If you need to accelerate the process of getting a NICOP owing to an urgent travel requirement, there are actions you can take to do so. To begin, you must confirm that you match the eligibility requirements for accelerated processing, which may involve submitting proof of urgent travel, such as a confirmed flight ticket or emergency papers. Once you have validated your eligibility, contact to inquire about accelerated processing possibilities. NADRA may have particular protocols in place for those with urgent travel requirements

They can advise you on how to continue with your application. When submitting your application, be sure to include all needed papers and information, including proof of urgency, as asked by the NADRA. Also, be prepared to pay any additional expenses for expedited processing. These costs may vary according to the urgency of your request and NADRA’s policies. Throughout the process, remain in touch with NADRA and follow up on your application frequently to ensure that it is handled as soon as possible. If you find any issues or delays, do not hesitate to seek assistance from NADRA staff and get help from their appropriate authorities, who may be able to offer guidance and support. Following these procedures and remaining proactive in your communication with NADRA increases your chances of accelerating the process of acquiring your NICOP and fulfilling your urgent travel demands.

Required Documents:

Required documents include 

  • A non-expired photocopy of a foreign or Pakistani passport (front page)
  • A birth certificate
  • Copies of parent or sibling NADRA cards
  • A passport-sized photo
  • A marriage certificate (if applicable). 
  • If you hold a Pakistani passport, please provide your residency card.

Support From

The NADRA Card Center is dedicated to delivering exceptional service and assistance to meet all of your demands effectively. Our major goal is to ensure your pleasure by providing the finest services available, particularly in difficult situations. Whether you need a new NICOP, have lost or stolen your card, or require any other assistance, we are here to help. We serve Pakistanis living abroad and increase timeliness and reliability in document delivery. Our devoted team makes sure your experience with us is easy and stress-free. Whether you need a new NICOP or assistance with other services, we promise prompt and competent service.


To summarize, if you have an urgent travel need and need your NICOP processed quickly, you can make efforts to expedite the procedure. By validating your eligibility, contacting the NADRA Card Center, and providing all required papers, you can boost your chances of receiving your NICOP quickly. Maintain contact with NADRA, follow up on your application, and seek assistance as required to ensure a smooth process. can help you handle the application procedure and satisfy your urgent travel needs.

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