July 7, 2022

What Is NICOP?

NICOP (national identity card for overseas Pakistanis) is also called NADRA Card UK. It helps Pakistanis currently based abroad to travel much more conveniently. If a Pakistani has dual nationality and owns a card this will help him travel to Pakistan even without a visa any time of the year.

What Is A CNIC?

CNIC (computerized national identity card) is an identity card for Pakistani citizens living in

Pakistan. This is a computerized version of the national id card. This has been issued for 18 years or above Pakistanis.

Difference Between Both NADRA Card

Both are the identity cards for each individual but the difference is that NICOP helps overseas Pakistani with their traveling and dual nationality. The importance of both these cards can be estimated by this, that you cant proceed with any legal matter or even appear in the examination hall in Pakistan if you are an adult. In case of losing the card or them being expired you need to apply for the renewal as soon as possible. If you are looking for a source that might help you with your NICOP then the name mentioned below is the one an authentic and reliable source to get any task done or to get any information about nadra.

Nadra Card Center Is A Go-To Website For You To Get Your Nadra Card From

if you have read all the perks you get while having a card then you must be thinking to get your hands on one. If you are in the UK don’t look for many options from where you can apply for the nadra card in order to make the whole process hassle-free then nadra card center is a go-to website for you. We provide our online services for Nadra Card Birmingham saving your time and energy.

Take Our Help In Any Of The Concern

If you live in Uk and have got any concerns regarding your nicop or Pakistani id card you are more than welcome to seek our help as we are the legal nadra profilers helping people with their nadra-related matters. With our assistance, you would not need to go yourself physically to embassies or high commissions for Pakistan but we will do the job for you online. We even provide a link where you can apply for the nicop or you can share your data with us as we will be proceeding with the application for you.


July 7, 2022
July 7, 2022

NADRA card is basically a national identity card for overseas Pakistanis who hold dual nationality or have references abroad. Nadra helps you travel even without a visa. If you live in the UK and don’t have a NICOP Card yet then what are you waiting for? Make sure to apply for the one right away.

If you are thinking about getting your nadra from nadra offices or visiting embassies then this will not be an easy procedure as you might have to make unending visits to the nadra office. Nadra Card Center UK is providing its service for the people out there in the UK you can apply for the card through us.

What Procedure You Can Follow

We provide nadra card online service which helps you save your time, money, and energy. If you let us do this job we will be offering two kinds of procedures in order to apply for your card.

  1. The first procedure that we provide is to collect the documents and data from you and Apply For NADRA Card Online UK on your behalf. We do proceed with your application as soon as you submit your documents on the website.
  2. The second procedure is as we are official nadra affiliates we share a link with you from there you can apply your application through.

In How Much Time You Can Get Your NADRA Card

As far as the time frame is concerned we provide three ways of deliveries to our customers:

Fast Delivery :

Applying for the fast delivery of the Nadra card will take 7 to 10 working days

Urgent Delivery :

applying for the urgent delivery of the Nadra card will take 3 to 4 working weeks

Slow Delivery :

Slow delivery takes 6 working weeks

Decide Wisely Rather Than Regretting Later

If you think that you don’t have a Nadra card and face difficulty while traveling to Pakistan then you need to get your hands on it as soon as possible. For this task why would you choose us because you would not want to take risks regarding your legal documentation and paperwork? Nadra Card Center is an authentic and reliable source for getting your card. We make sure to get you your Nicop, and Nicop Modification Online, before any other source. We keep all your information confidential and safe with us. The sources we use to deliver your Nadra card are DHL, TCS, and UPS. Once your application gets approved it will go through the process.

Charges Against The Application Of NADRA Card

Cash on delivery is not there and you would have to pay at the time of submitting your application to us. The fastest you can get your card is within 7 to 10 days. Fast slow and urgent deliveries all have different charges that you will be paying.

Contact Us Anytime

You can contact us at given forums any time of the day or night. Our team will get back to you instantly in order to solve any concern regarding anything nadra. So once you get an overwhelming experience with us you yourself will make us your ultimate choice of getting any Nadra-related work done.

July 7, 2022
July 7, 2022

The time is long gone when you had to go physically to nadra offices in order to renew your Pakistan NADRA Card. Now talking about your nadra cards if you find yours an expired one then you don’t have to get worried about visiting nadra offices and waiting in long lines because now you have a reliable and quick service called nadra card center. We provide services that help you renew your nadra card online.

Two Types Of Services NADRA Card Center Provides

In order to renew your nadra card online, you just have to contact nadra card center.

  1. The First service we provide is that if you want your nadra card to get renewal online you can share your documents with us and we will make sure to proceed with your application as soon as we get all the papers.
  2. The Second method is that if the customer wants to proceed with the application by himself then we can provide the link from where they can apply for the NADRA Card Online UK.

It depends on the applicants what procedure they want to go with taking advantage of our service. Once you are done with all the formalities and documentation rest is our job.

Some Information For You To Know About The Nadra Card Renewal

What if that you have to travel within some days and you don’t have this much time to wait for the renew card to reach at your place still you can travel. once you apply for the nadra card renewal in spite of choosing fast delivery your card might take some days but what will help you traveling is the submission letter form nadra card center. We will send you a submission letter after applying from our side that you will be showing with your original expired nadra card at the airport and you are good to travel without any hassle.

Expected Time Of Delivery Of The Card

There are three options of time frame you can apply for

l Urgent: urgent delivery approximately takes 7 to 10 days

l Rapid: if you choose the rapid delivery category the time might take 2 to 3 working weeks

l casual: casual or basic time your card might take 4 to 6 working weeks

Fees Structure Of Nadra Card Center

When you choose to apply for the renewal of Nadra Card Online you have to pay fees against the task. Talking the fees varies on the category of time frame you choose while submission of the application.

l Charges of the fast delivery 199

l Charges of casual delivery 150

l Charges of urgent delivery 180

There is no service of cash on delivery. You will have to pay right at the time of submitting the application. The sources you can use are your bank cards or any other secure payment method.

Our Helpline Is Available 24*7

No worries if you have got any concerns regarding the process because you can contact us anytime without looking at the time. Our customer care representatives are there to guide you with anything anytime possible.


July 7, 2022
July 7, 2022

if you are worried that the expiry date of your nicop is near and you want it to renew before expiry due to any of the reasons you can get the advantage of our services. NADRA card center will help you apply for the renewal of your nicop even before it is expired.

The Procedure Of Applying The Application Of Renewal

If you don’t want to go yourself to the NADRA offices and get yourself unneeded stress and unnecessary hassle then get the benefit of the services we will Apply For NADRA Card Online on your behalf. You will be getting the procedure of your choice to get the renewal done of your NADRA card.

  • First, you can share your data and documents with us that we will be needing to proceed with your application. We will get started with the proceedings of your application as soon as we are done collecting the required data from you.
  • The second procedure is to get a link from NADRA card center that you can use to submit your application. This will help you avoid unnecessary hassle and unending visits to embassies.

Why Nadra Card Center Should Be Your Ultimate Choice

Nowadays who has plenty of time to go to the office when you can get your work or tasks done online while sitting at home. NADRA card center is a name of reliability and trust. You cant take the risk-sharing your information with any random agent because if that person is not trustworthy you can get yourself in huge legal trouble. We are official Nadra profilers that are helping overseas Pakistanis holding dual nationality.

How does NICOP help you in any way?

If you have a NICOP that means you have made your traveling convenient already. You can travel even without a visa just with NICOP. If your nadra card is expired still you can travel if you apply for the NADRA Card Renewal from NADRA card center. The submission letter that we issue after getting your application is enough for you to travel with even an expired NADRA card

Various Reasons Why You Can Apply For The Renewal Before The Expiry

Marital Status

If you want to change your marital status you should not wait for the nicop to expire but apply for the renewal early.

Expiry Date

If the expiry date is close you can apply for the NADRA card renewal so that you get your renewed nicop in order to avoid any issue.

Changed Address

If you have moved to some other place or changed your location you can submit the application for the renewal.

The Final Word

All the details mentioned above are enough for you to know about the details of the nicop and why you would choose us as your medium of applying for the NICOP renewal. You now don’t have to wait for the card to get expire or visit NADRA office when you can get it done online. So rather than stressing yourself about anything regarding your nicop just contact us and just get stress-free.


July 2, 2022
July 2, 2022

Nadra card center has brought ease and convenience to the stuff related to the NADRA. From the paperwork to the other formalities nothing is easy if you need to get some work done at the NADRA  office. We have come up to facilitate overseas Pakistanis with the NADRA cards making their traveling all the more stress less and hassle-free.

Once you get your NICOP that means that the card will be valid for a limited duration of time and after that, the card gets expire and you would have to apply for the Nadra Card Renewal. For the people living in the UK, you can take advantage of getting your Nadra Card Bradford at your doorstep. We provide our services almost everywhere except the countries not allowed by Pakistan.

How Much You Will Be Paying For The Renewal Nadra Card

If your card needs to get renewed NADRA card center charges a very reasonable amount for this task. The payment depends on the category of the application you choose. There are options of time frame you get as to how early you want your card reach to reach your place.

There are three types of deliveries we offer such as:

  • l Urgent: if you choose urgent delivery this will take 7 to 10 business days
  • l Fast: takes 2 to 3 working weeks
  • l Slow/basic: 4 to 6 working weeks
  • The payment will according to the time frame of the delivery ie:
  • l If you apply for urgent delivery the cost will be 180
  • l If you apply for fast delivery you will have to pay 199
  • l For the slow delivery you will be paying 150

If you are going to travel anytime soon and your card is no more valid you still

can travel anyway if you already have applied for the renewal. Still, if you want the NADRA card for any other purpose or you can pay the fee according to our criteria you can choose the type of application according to your requirements.

Source Of Payment Of Application

We do not offer cash on delivery. You will have to pay right at the time we submit your application. You will be able to pay through your bank cards or any other authentic payment medium.

Nadra Card Center Is All You Need Regarding Any Nadra Concern

Now no more waiting outside NADRA offices or embassies because we have been providing our services and one of them is to Apply For The Nadra Card Online. The services include proceeding with the application of our clients when they share the documents and data with us. The second one is that we provide the links from where Pakistanis can apply for the renewal of the NICOP. Nadra card center is the one authentic and fastest source of getting any task done regarding NADRA. There might be other sources out there but the scam rate is high these days and you can’t take risks with your official documents and personal information.

We Are Available At Any Hour

If you have got any concerns or queries regarding NADRA or our service you are more than welcome to contact us at any time am or pm. Our customer care representatives are there to respond instantly. So feel free to contact or ask for anything.

July 2, 2022

if your NADRA card is expired and you have been looking for an authentic and reliable source for NADRA Card Renewal then the NADRA card center is the place for you. Yes we are the most trustworthy NADRA affiliates and have a team of the most efficient and professional members.
We will discuss how long will it take to renew the card but let us throw some light on the importance of having a NADRA card and why should we be your ultimate choice regarding getting your NICOP.

One Letter From Us And You Are Good To Go

No more stress if your NICOP is expired and you have a travel plan lined up. If you go to our website there is an option of applying for the renewal of your NICOP Card. Once we get your application a submission letter has been sent to you which will make you eligible for traveling without even your card got renewed. You just have to show the letter along with the passport at the airport and there is no chance that you would have been stopped at any point. This will save you from running to the embassy and any other legal procedure.

How Long Will It Take For NADRA Card Renewal

Once you apply for the renewal you will have the options of what time you will be needing your NADRA card such as

  1. if you need it on an urgent basis the time it will take to deliver to your doorstep would be 7 to 10 working days
  2. A casual process takes 4 to 6 working weeks
  3. Rapid delivery takes 2 to 3 working weeks

We, Will, Notify You About:

  • l When your application is received you have been notified about the confirmation
  • l When your card goes for the proceeding of renewal you have been informed
  • l When the NADRA card dispatches
Our Customer Service

In case of any concern or query, our customer care service is anytime available for our customers. You would not have to see the time before contacting us because we value our customers as well as their concerns.

NADRA Card Center Is Your Ultimate Choice

There are only benefits you get when you possess a NADRA Card Uk as you will not have to fulfill each and every formality needed for any other Pakistani who does not have this facility of having a NADRA card. Traveling gets much easier with the availability of the Pak ID Nadra as you can fly even without a visa and that too any time of the year. Right from getting you the card to the renewing process each and every step is as smooth and there will be no loophole. So if you are a Pakistani and hold a dual nationality then must get yourself a national identity card from the NADRA card center and bring more convenience to your travel.


July 2, 2022

The NADRA card center makes sure that you do not have to make endless visits to the embassies or NADRA offices just for the sake of NADRA Card Renewal. You can’t tell how they will be treating you as they already have almost hundreds of people visiting the office for various reasons. So what’s wrong with getting yourself a reliable source who is capable enough to get your tasks done with NADRA while you are sitting at your home and no stress?

What Procedure You Want While Applying For The Renewal

If you are Pakistani and settled in the UK you must try to get your card renewed as soon as possible. NADRA card center does this job for you and has been providing other services as well. We offer two procedures, one of them you can share all the required documents with us and we take it forward and apply for the renewal on your behalf and the second method is that we share a specific link with you from where you can apply through. If you want us to go with the proceeding of the application there will be some documents we will need as formalities.

Here are some of the required documents you need to submit:

  • l A valid copy of a Pakistani or foreign passport(front page)
  • l Latest passport-size picture
  • l Marriage papers for only married applicants
  • l Existing NADRA card copy, front and back
  • l Residence permit

When you share these documents with us we quickly get started with the proceedings. We are official NADRA affiliates based in the UK providing our services in many of the countries except some of the places that Pakistan doesn’t allow us.

Documents You Need To Provide While Applying For Urgent NICOP Online

When you are applying for the urgent NADRA card you must have:

  • l Above mentioned required documents
  • l Printer
  • l inkpad
  • l Scanner

You can’t travel with an expired NADRA card. Once you apply for the card on an urgent basis and provide all these documents we instantly will proceed with the application and send you the form for the fingerprints. After putting in the fingerprint, send us back the same scanned copy of the form. As soon as this procedure gets done you will receive a submission form which will make you eligible for traveling anytime along with that expired NICOP Card.

We, Will, Inform You When

You will be notified when:

  • l We will receive your documents
  • l The application has been submitted
  • l Card went for the process
  • l Your NICOP has been dispatched
Why Will You Choose Us

NADRA card center is another name of convenience as you will be able to apply for a NICOP Renewal Submission Letter sitting in your comfort zone and no stress of going to different places. Instead of taking risks by hiring any random or unknown agents, better to go with the authentic NADRA affiliates who will be responsible enough to carry out all their tasks very well and efficiently. We have no hidden charges but only the ones that are mentioned. So you should regret later contacting us in the first place because when it is about sharing your data and information you can get yourself in huge trouble if the next person or the source is not reliable enough.


July 2, 2022
July 2, 2022

NADRA card gets expires after a specific duration of time and that needs to get renewed once it is no more valid. After your NADRA card expires you face trouble with every legal procedure. If your card is also expired and you are afraid of standing outside NADRA office for hours then there is no need to get tensed about it. Nadra card center is there to rescue. We will make sure that you face no issues while traveling if your card is expired.

How Would You Travel With Expired Card

If you are wondering how could you travel with an expired NADRA card then you just need to visit NADRA card center. We offer a procedure that allows you to fly if your card is no more valid.

There are some steps you can follow in order to be eligible for flying:

  • Visit NADRA card center
  • l Choose the category
  • l Apply for the renewal

Share links to the needed documents

Once you apply for the NADRA card online you will be getting a submission letter from our side. This letter will be enough for you to show at the airport along with the expired NADRA card. We have authorized NADRA profilers that help overseas Pakistanis out there travel much more conveniently. Therefore, you would not have to pay unnecessary visits to NADRA offices or apply at their website when you have us for the NADRA Card Renewal.

Our Agents Are Available 24*7

If you are in the UK and want to have information about NADRA Online instead of getting in contact with random agents you should go for an authentic source that happens to be the one and only NADRA card center. Our agents are available seven days a week for our customers. If you find any inconvenience or have any concerns regarding the submission letter you can contact and get a response instantly. So why would you take a risk when it’s about flying to another country?

Delivery Within The Mentioned Time

If you are concerned about the renewed card hard copy then you don’t need to worry as you will get it within the mentioned time.

l If you go for fast delivery then it takes 7 to 10 working day

l if you go for urgent delivery then it takes 3 to 4 working weeks

if you go for basic delivery then it will take a maximum of 6 to 8 working weeks

How Would You Make Payment

Fees will vary from the category of the time you choose. there are options for paying fees against the renewal. You can pay from your bank cards like debit, credit, or any other payment link you use.

The Final Word

You would have known about our service till now but still, if you have got any query just make sure to pay a visit to our website. Concluding here is that if you don’t get the renewed NADRA card in your hand till the date of your traveling then only the submission letter from the NADRA card center is enough for you to catch a flight without any stress or hassle. We are the one authentic and fastest service based in the UK providing ease and convenience for overseas Pakistanis.


December 12, 2021

People occasionally purchase and confirm their tickets and they just discover that their Pakistan Overseas Card has expired. We understand how upsetting and discouraging it is to learn at the last minute that your NICOP is no longer valid. It will ruin your entire mood because you were so looking forward to seeing your friends and family after such a long time. If NADRA Card wasn’t there to tell you what to do, you might be in a lot of trouble. We have a quick and simple solution for you that won’t disrupt your plans to visit Pakistan, we’ll finish your application the same day and send you a travel submission letter. You can easily travel with that submission letter and original expired card.

Safe Method:

This service allows you to submit your application and receive a letter of permission to travel. We send your application for processing after receiving it and provide you with a submission letter. You can travel freely with this letter and your original expired NADRA NICOP. Yes, it is a completely safe method, The NADRA Card and the Federal Immigration Authority of Pakistan have allowed dual nationality citizens to travel to Pakistan in this manner.

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