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July 2, 2022

if your NADRA card is expired and you have been looking for an authentic and reliable source for NADRA Card Renewal then the NADRA card center is the place for you. Yes we are the most trustworthy NADRA affiliates and have a team of the most efficient and professional members.
We will discuss how long will it take to renew the card but let us throw some light on the importance of having a NADRA card and why should we be your ultimate choice regarding getting your NICOP.

One Letter From Us And You Are Good To Go

No more stress if your NICOP is expired and you have a travel plan lined up. If you go to our website there is an option of applying for the renewal of your NICOP Card. Once we get your application a submission letter has been sent to you which will make you eligible for traveling without even your card got renewed. You just have to show the letter along with the passport at the airport and there is no chance that you would have been stopped at any point. This will save you from running to the embassy and any other legal procedure.

How Long Will It Take For NADRA Card Renewal

Once you apply for the renewal you will have the options of what time you will be needing your NADRA card such as

  1. if you need it on an urgent basis the time it will take to deliver to your doorstep would be 7 to 10 working days
  2. A casual process takes 4 to 6 working weeks
  3. Rapid delivery takes 2 to 3 working weeks

We, Will, Notify You About:

  • l When your application is received you have been notified about the confirmation
  • l When your card goes for the proceeding of renewal you have been informed
  • l When the NADRA card dispatches
Our Customer Service

In case of any concern or query, our customer care service is anytime available for our customers. You would not have to see the time before contacting us because we value our customers as well as their concerns.

NADRA Card Center Is Your Ultimate Choice

There are only benefits you get when you possess a NADRA Card Uk as you will not have to fulfill each and every formality needed for any other Pakistani who does not have this facility of having a NADRA card. Traveling gets much easier with the availability of the Pak ID Nadra as you can fly even without a visa and that too any time of the year. Right from getting you the card to the renewing process each and every step is as smooth and there will be no loophole. So if you are a Pakistani and hold a dual nationality then must get yourself a national identity card from the NADRA card center and bring more convenience to your travel.


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